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OMAR was created in 1982 in the small town of Maierato (VV) as a Limited partnership with the objective to produce concrete reinforcing steel (cable guides, gratings, traps, etc.). In 1988, thanks to the rapid increase in financial resources (from 40 to 452 million Lira) realized through the intense involvement of the three founding associates, the company OMAR inaugurated its first plant in the industrial zone of Maierato. With the start of the new production structure, the strong need for investing in advanced technological systems for the production of electrowelded meshes renders the legal structure of the general partnership poorly adapted and requires further capital investment. In 1995, OMAR s.a.s becames a Limited liability partnership with fully funded financial resources equalling 840 million. The new investments in the various technologies absorb the capital resources of the company, currently equipped with two production lines with high technology systems that enable the manufacture of any type of drawn steel wire.
OMAR, which in 2001 has obtained the ISO 9000 certification, pursues its mission with further expansion plans on the international markets, as well as technological and qualitative innovation.
Since 1982 OMAR has specialised in the production and commercialisation of custom made electrowelded meshes.

In approximately 30 years of activity, the company has quickly developed a strong legacy of relations and distinctive experiences that allow it to understand the dynamics and the requirements of a field demanding a high degree of flexibility:

  1. The ability to produce any type of drawn steel wire (ribbed, smooth, stainless, galvanized steel) that is transformed in mesh according to any type of requirement;
  • The manufacture of drawn steel wires of various diameters and the following production of meshes with threads of various diameters and lengths;
  1. The expertise in shaping, drawing and manufacturing meshes practically for every market sector.

90% of OMAR's production has always been custom made in order to satisfy any type of expectation. The rapidity and the punctuality of the deliveries are paired with an excellent quality-price ratio and a solid adherence of the products to the required specifications.


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